Summer is hot, and the sky is painting itself with Lilac Shade. We both know each other, but I bet you don’t hold the clue I definitely hate Summer. More than Summer, I dislike this town and the noise of people so I keep chasing escape.

We both know each other, and there’s a defying temptation within us to recognise one another a little more. The fear, the desires, and the bitter baggages pile up as storm boggling our heads – shaking the peace that’s already shaken.

You keep asking “what if it’s now?”, in my mind “what if it’s not?”
The bitter baggages of yesterday, they are still there, burdening me with hurt and intimidation to risk and lose again.

So you pull me close and offer me your arm to quiet my worries. “Whenever you’re ready” you whisper. “Whenever we are ready”, I mumbled.
I hear you say it’s perfect and complete and it’s enough, but I am conscious – it is not.

I remember how the scene started. Climbed this rooftop to see if there’s any beauty left in this place. For confession, perhaps the louvre is not the perfect spot.
Neither one of us witnessed a green light. I refused. You mentioned no oath.
The Sun was almost Red seeming to command a stop.

No one was ever ready for another beginning.

Here’s how Investing in my Room Improved my Mental Health and Productivity

I believe that my Room is my Sanctuary, so If I invest on it, I’m also investing in my Peace of Mind.
I actually notice how the order of my room affect me psychologically. Whenever it is organized, I also feel as if my Whole life is organized. But when it is messy and needs tidy, I also feel all over the place. My productivity to take over my daily routine and accomplish my tasks also decline.

I practice fixing my bed in the morning before anything else. Because everytime I set cleaning my room aside, I get so distracte, and knowing which to do first, becomes a struggle.

Here’s how I arrange my Sanctuary and thus keep myself sane :
– Organizing my things/stuffs (books, school papers, clothing) every after two weeks / Monthly
– Change bedsheet whenever Necessary
– Putting Plants (I really like how I feel more alive when I see a plant in my room)
– Tucking Motivational Boards
– Adding Fairy Lights (my fave. I just get so excited with Cute little lights).

Clutter-Declutter process is both a tedious yet fulfilling activity. I actually look forward to buy more cute stuffs to display in my room because I just love collecting ’em.
Aside from Becoming organized, I also keep a journal with me where I can put down all my ideas, gather my thoughts, and plan my weeks in order to keep everything proper and working.

What do you do to Keep your Mind healthy?

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About Books & Instagram

Hi! Mark here!
Mark Anthony Santiago from the Philippines. You can call me “Thony” as well, if you wish.

If I’d be honest, this is not my first time blogging at all. I’ve had two blogs in the past, so I’m experienced for 3-4 years already.
However, I like the idea of starting over again and getting everything organized. Life feels so much better when everything’s properly arranged.

Starting over can be an exhausting task but is definitely worthy (at least, for me). I guess, it’s also good to begin again as I just stepped into 19, soon I’ll be at my 20s.
I love the idea of sharing myself in the Internet, then people from around the world will get to read what I publish, and gather ideas about my existence. I love being social, and meet amazing creative foreign folks.
I want this blog to be an angle of my life, rather than becoming my life. That means, I don’t want this space to be my burden, but instead a place I can visit whenever possible. As I’ve said, I’m 19 and other responsibilities add and keep me loaded almost all the time.

I’ve given “Books & Instagram” as this site’s title. I’ll explain.
I love collecting books, I have lesser than 10 as of now so I wish I have more budget so I can purchase more.
I appreciate literature. It’s true that I’m not an avid reader, but I do read and I get in touch with poetry through Contemplation. I write poems, and prose as well, (songs too).
Music and Instagram (photography & editing) are some of my obsessions. I honestly do have a lot of obsessions I think.
I play Ukulele, and definitely look forward to own a gorgeous White cat one day.
Trust me, I’m weird at times. And I bet, I sound childish right now writing this.

Expect me to be sharing my works, song compositions, other stuffs I love, and bits of my life I want the Internet to know about.

Stick Around?

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