About Books & Instagram

Hi! Mark here!
Mark Anthony Santiago from the Philippines. You can call me “Thony” as well, if you wish.

If I’d be honest, this is not my first time blogging at all. I’ve had two blogs in the past, so I’m experienced for 3-4 years already.
However, I like the idea of starting over again and getting everything organized. Life feels so much better when everything’s properly arranged.

Starting over can be an exhausting task but is definitely worthy (at least, for me). I guess, it’s also good to begin again as I just stepped into 19, soon I’ll be at my 20s.
I love the idea of sharing myself in the Internet, then people from around the world will get to read what I publish, and gather ideas about my existence. I love being social, and meet amazing creative foreign folks.
I want this blog to be an angle of my life, rather than becoming my life. That means, I don’t want this space to be my burden, but instead a place I can visit whenever possible. As I’ve said, I’m 19 and other responsibilities add and keep me loaded almost all the time.

I’ve given “Books & Instagram” as this site’s title. I’ll explain.
I love collecting books, I have lesser than 10 as of now so I wish I have more budget so I can purchase more.
I appreciate literature. It’s true that I’m not an avid reader, but I do read and I get in touch with poetry through Contemplation. I write poems, and prose as well, (songs too).
Music and Instagram (photography & editing) are some of my obsessions. I honestly do have a lot of obsessions I think.
I play Ukulele, and definitely look forward to own a gorgeous White cat one day.
Trust me, I’m weird at times. And I bet, I sound childish right now writing this.

Expect me to be sharing my works, song compositions, other stuffs I love, and bits of my life I want the Internet to know about.

Stick Around?

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7 thoughts on “About Books & Instagram”

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for reading this post and commenting.
      I’m happy to have you as my first follower (I followed back ♡)
      We agree on the fact of Starting over. But actually, I promised myself this will be the last time I’m doing it. I want to have everything organized, and finally just keep them for how they are.
      Thank you again, Appreciate u.
      (P. S. I’d be also glad if you can suggest me some blogs you personally love. More preferably, teen blogs. x) 🌻


      1. Me too🙌. I have had a blog previously but couldn’t keep up with it for some reason. So I started a new one. I hope I keep up with it this time.
        I love blogs that tells us about how everything that occurs in our life teaches us a lesson without really making us realize it.
        What kind of blogs do you prefer reading?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I’m doing okay. The last time we talked was probably on my other blog. I’m kinda busy with college though.
      And about my social media, I actually cleared them. And my fb, I used it for school purposes.
      Thank you for stopping by ♡
      Promise, I’m all good. How about you?


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