Here’s how Investing in my Room Improved my Mental Health and Productivity

I believe that my Room is my Sanctuary, so If I invest on it, I’m also investing in my Peace of Mind.
I actually notice how the order of my room affect me psychologically. Whenever it is organized, I also feel as if my Whole life is organized. But when it is messy and needs tidy, I also feel all over the place. My productivity to take over my daily routine and accomplish my tasks also decline.

I practice fixing my bed in the morning before anything else. Because everytime I set cleaning my room aside, I get so distracte, and knowing which to do first, becomes a struggle.

Here’s how I arrange my Sanctuary and thus keep myself sane :
– Organizing my things/stuffs (books, school papers, clothing) every after two weeks / Monthly
– Change bedsheet whenever Necessary
– Putting Plants (I really like how I feel more alive when I see a plant in my room)
– Tucking Motivational Boards
– Adding Fairy Lights (my fave. I just get so excited with Cute little lights).

Clutter-Declutter process is both a tedious yet fulfilling activity. I actually look forward to buy more cute stuffs to display in my room because I just love collecting ’em.
Aside from Becoming organized, I also keep a journal with me where I can put down all my ideas, gather my thoughts, and plan my weeks in order to keep everything proper and working.

What do you do to Keep your Mind healthy?

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4 thoughts on “Here’s how Investing in my Room Improved my Mental Health and Productivity”

  1. Decluttering while I’m free has been the key thing that’s been keeping my living space presentable. I find that doing the chores after a long break is much worse than tidying up what I can every day. Anyway, great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right.
      I always believe that an organized and presentable space, is always linked on how productive our minds can be.
      Clutter-Declutter is Good thing to regularly do.
      Thanks for passing by and leaving a nice comment. ♡


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