A Glimpse to my Playlist

If you’re a close friend of mine, you will know how obsessed I am with listening to Music, studying lyrics, and getting crazy over my favourite artists.

My favorite genres are Country, Alternative, and Pop. I’m a sucker for Great lyricism and Production/instrumentals which can bring you on the other side.
I’m 19, and I find comfort in songs. More usually, sad songs. It’s weird, but I like listening to music which move me and end up crying in the room. Funny that.

My favourite Artists
– I actually have a lot of fave artists but okay, I’ll narrow them based on their music’s artistic quality.

• Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift is my no. 1 favorite and I bet it’s not surprising at all. She has a lot of listeners worldwide. I began loving her music when I got to listen to her country songs Like Teardrops on My Guitar, Crazier, All too well, Red, etc. Until here I am Obsessed with her discography.

• Lorde – I look up to Lorde especially because she has a fascinating Songwriting style + the productions. I love the minimal straightforward poetic quality + the way she explore Themes and compiling them in an album. I’ll talk about her more later.

• Lana Del Rey – Lana is the artist suggested to me by a friend, and thanks God I got to know her (Queen Mother) and her music. I’m literally obsessed. I find Lana’s Music calming and real artistic. Not everyone gets her music, but not everyone have taste anyway. Oop-

• Gracie Abrams – Gracie Bestie! She composes cute songs, I swear. I like the simplicity of her songs, the chill quality and how she deliver all them. Her voice is ♡.

My Favourite Albums

• Reputation – Lyrically, it may not be Taylor’s best. But I just love the Back story behind this era, and I’ll forever be obsessed talking about how Reputation came out as Reputation in 2017. Hahaha, this followed 1989 (a pop album), which only proved her versatility in Music.

• Melodrama – Melodrama is an Obsession! I will never get tired listening to this Album. The themes, the album cover, the instrumentals, the cohesiveness, the overall quality actually. It’s addictive on a transcendental level. I so love listening to this and imagining scenes where I’m the main character.

• Norman F*cking Rockwell – This Album is Considered as Lana’s Best Record. Well, I agree. I love how calm and not generic this record is. The soft vocals did the thing. This is something I love listening to at quiet times. I love the imageries I get when I stream NFR.

• Minor – Minor is Gracie Abrams’ first Album. As I’ve said, I like the simplicity of her songwriting as well as the delivery. I actually got obsessed with Gracie’s Discography when I got my heart broke over this person I’ve met on a Summer outing. This person is a friend of my Friend’s Boyfriend. God, I wish I never met him at all. Lol. Anyways – let’s get back. Thanks, Gracie Bestie.

• Future Nostalgia – I like Dua’s Vocals honestly, it’s raw and powerful. And this album! I swear, she experimented so well and changed her game in Music which she succeeded on. I love the Disco Flavor of Future Nostalgia, something that makes you dance really. You can play it whenever you want to hype yourself up out of bad vibe.

Favorite Producer – Jack Antonoff.
Just so you know, Jack Antonoff is Taylor Swift’s go-to producer. He also Produced Melodrama and Norman F*cking Rockwell. Just noticed how these albums are Grammy Nominated.
But Melodrama and NFR are both robbed and we all know it. They should’ve been album of the year on 2017 & 2019.

And that wraps up this Blog post!

Tell me if you also love listening to Music. You can suggest me your favorite Songs/Artists too!
What do we have in common?

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