Leave tonight.
Walk your way, meet the light to kiss your skin with freedom.

I need not to hear a word. Leave no sigh. If the truth has to break me, then let me drift into pieces. You have to know, I’ve been breaking infinitely even before you crossed the line I have been guarding from anyone. No amount of excruciation can ever tear me now. I drift apart, but my disintegrated parts always find their way to be whole again.
I knew it before you could utter your thoughts straight to me – you can’t find a home in the ruin I inhabit. Your Eyes couldn’t trace hope in my presence, your Ears couldn’t hear lullaby to provide peaceful nights. No sweet scent of paradise have met your Nose, all your Lungs could breathe is the deceased air brought by my acrid hurting.
My heart is Blue, I infect you everytime.

There was no chance I could build my fences rigidly. People come and leave again. You came in like a gushing wave – too quick, too tragic – and now you realize you entered the wrong door. I sympathize.

The rips within me are unstitchable.
Walk the path as I wander my dreams. Don’t even dare memorizing the path going back here. I need no reasons, I long no apology. Leave no baggage to remind my stuck head someone dwell transiently with me. For the upcoming seasons, I’ll live.

Touch my forehead with your timid lips not. Consider all that I gave for free.
Walk the path as I wander my dreams. I promise, you won’t be present in them.

au revoir.

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